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Author of ManagementOne:
Pieter H Henning Piet H Henning
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What's inside ManagementOne?
  • Explain management functions and duties
  • Explain responsibilities and Key Performance Areas
  • How to motivate workers to do their jobs
  • How to avoid time wasters
  • Understand company finances
  • Avoid the activity trap and be more effective
  • Learn to understand other people
  • Learn how to interact with other people
  • Understand the different roles of your team
  • How to conduct meetings
  • How to solve problems
  • How to handle discipline issues with your staff
  • How to use your computer effectively
  • How to appoint workers
  • MUCH - MUCH - MORE !!!!!!!!!!
Middle management spends most of the money in the organization even if they do not write or sign the cheques. They apply the raw materials, use the spare parts, manage the resources (including people). This book is will help them.

This book is written for

supervisors, managers, potential leaders, parents, bosses, workers and YOU !!!

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