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Pieter H Henning Piet H Henning
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About the Author

Piet Henning is an Engineer who worked in many factories and industries with all levels of people from different cultures and nationalities. He started his career in 1985 in the cigarette industry and moved to a Dairy, then sold insurance for more than 2 years before returning to engineering to join the high tech business of weapons manufacturing. During this period he learned how to manage people on the team who were by far his seniors.

From 1992 he worked in the Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) pipe industry in several positions, mainly in Engineering, Production and Technology departments. Since 2006 his focus was on development of new machines, processes and the improvement of existing technologies in the GRP pipe industry.

Piet Henning has experience managing different people and cultures. He worked for extended periods in other countries like Botswana, China and Italy. He also travelled to Norway, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Germany, India, Turkey, Egypt and Brazil as consultant, teacher and problem solver.

Other interests:

GRP pipe consulting:
Piet Henning has been working in the GRP pipe and other industries since 1992.  He consults.  For more information visit

Piet Henning is the author of Photo Resizer Pro, CactusView and other software. The main job of Photo Resizer Pro is to resize photos in batches, adding frames and watermarks at the same time if you want to. CactusView is an image viewer with a lot of tools. See . 

Motorbike accesories:
He is also a keen biker who owns and ride a BMW R1200GS Adventure , together with his wife and sons, one of whom also rides. Long hours in the "saddle" forced him to find a solution for soft tissue damage in the "sitting area".  This solution, called , is available for other riders who experience the same problems. Find it at where his sons are selling it to pay for studies and extras.