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Frequintly asked Questions and Answers:

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A worker shows signs of insubordination, what must I do?

This is difficult to prove, unlike other misconducts like theft for example, but you must deal with it in the same way.  I suggest you make an appointment with the person, notifying him about the meeting and topic.  Then have a colleague present at the meeting to make sure you are not victimizing the worker and tell him your experience.  Ask him if it is the case or not.  If he says yes, warn him that you will take disciplinary action if it continues and place a summery note that he must sign on his file.  If he says no, point out his actions that make you thinks he does not recognise your authority and ask him to change his ways.  Put a summery of the discussion on his file.  Note that some people come from backgrounds other than yourself and acceptable behaviour for one may be offensive to another. 


In chapter 7 you say "adapt yourself" - Are you expert enough to tell people how to do this?

You are already adapting yourself all the time, from early childhood. Weather you realize it or not, when you speak to a person who is your senior you do a few things different.  The chapter in the book that covers this topic helps you to do what your doing anyway and do it better.  If you analyze a person you must be a professional, but we do  NOT analyze anybody, we just observe them. 


You say I must do honest business?  How will I survive?

Cheating and lying may get you a lot of orders, but sooner than later you will find yourself in a tangle, trying to remember what you said to who and then controlling your colleagues to synchronize the lies.  Many companies think they can get away with it - they are wrong.  In the long run you need returning customers.  They will not return if they were cheated.  What must you do?  Maybe have a smaller business that grows a bit slower than a fly-by-night company that cheats.

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I received an email to announce your book.  Did you really get my email from your inbox?

Yes I did, and easy too.  Select INBOX in Outlook, go file-export and export the name and email address of all the mails, including the others that was copied on those mails.  Amazing how many email addresses you will get.  If you forward a joke or any mail to a list of people, there detail goes with the email.  To avoid this, use the BCC for their addresses.  Please tell this to all your friends. 

Just for interest sake: In South Africa it is legal to mail a person if you can prove where you found his address, so my email campaign was not spam. (I did provide opt-out etc as well)

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Free sample - thanks.  Where is the rest?

Giving something is good idea, especially if I am asking something, namely that you buy the book.  It is not expensive and since you liked the sample you take no risk buying the book. Apart from that I have to pay rent and buy food just like any other person.  I trust you understand.

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Do you consult?

Yes.  contact me via the feedback or contacts page.

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Must I buy the Work book?

No, you do not have to, but it may help you to actually do something rather than read and forget.  The book is about a skill that needs to be learned and if you want to learn it you must do more than just reading.   You ask yourself: What skill do I learn here?  Do I understand it?  Must I read again, or read more?  Must I write something about it, maybe a list of things I know that I do wrong, etc.  If you can do this, you do not need the book.

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My key worker is drinking on the job. I cannot fire her???

Discipline must be applied to all the people in the same way.  If you allow this worker to drink on site by turning a blind eye you will give a message to all the workers that you are not in control.  I tried to keep such a worker and regretted it after a while.  Discipline the worker and if you loose her in the process you may be better off.  Start immediately to train another person just in case she is dismissed the next time it happens.

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How can you say my workers get a decrease in salary if their salary is adjusted below the inflation rate? 

It is simple.  If I can buy a 100 breads with may salary this year, I must be able to buy a 100 next year.  If the price of bread goes up I will be able to do it.  If my salary also goes up, but I can only buy 98 breads, it means I am poorer than last year.  If I can buy 110, it means I got an increase.  It is simple.  Economists say that if you increase the worker with inflation you will destroy the economy.  That may be so.  If you are the worker, you get an increase and you will most likely not get it in the same job.  Study and get experience, then after a few years start looking for a better position.  If you get it in the company you work it will be first prize, if not look outside and make your own increases.  If you are the manager of loyal well trained good working people, pay them what they are worth and make sure they make progress in terms of their careers within your organisation, or you may loose them to your opposition.  Then you can spend a lot of money looking to look for and train another person.

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A contractor did me a favour and my Manager did not like it. I am in trouble now. How must I handle it?

Any fovour will imply a return favour.  Contractors have many ways to buy the loyalty of a company or its worker (you).  This can be taking you (or the management) to lunch or sponsor a golf event or borrow you their truck to haul something for the company or better still, for your private use.  You probably know the contractor who helped you and you may also know that you do not owe him anything after you filled up the tank, but your manager may see it differently.  You have to be in a position where you can make good decisions regarding contracting work.  Owing favours to contractors may make you biast towards that contractor.  Try to follow the following rules when asking favours:

* Ask a quote from the person who's truck you need.  Even if it is just to cover the fuel.  

* After you used the truck, pay and get a receipt or make a bank transfer that will give you proof of payment.

* Inform your manager by email (this can be proof) that you are using the contractor for private work and that you will pay him as per a quote.

* Always try all other avenues first and use contractors as a last resort.  However you look at it, the contractor has some hold on you and your manager will not appreciate it.

If do get a favour of any kind from a supplier or contractor, declare it to your manager by email or use the company procedure if there is one.

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